MOVIES SYNCED" its louder than words this thing we do "


A movie sync is essentially the intentional creation of an alternate "master soundtrack" which hacks a movie by replacing dialogue, sound effects, and musical score with the band's own looping audio content.
By hacking the film's audio content with their own, the band gains control of the narrative. This becomes important in the more highly social and politically charged syncs. Regardless, an entirely new experience emerges from this juxtaposition of hacked audio and video. In many ways it flips convention on its head by pushing the video to the background and allowing music to carry the story.


Most of the syncs posted on this site have been discovered by Andrew C. Wendland. After years of dedication he is certainly the authority. I suggest you visit his website, as he has cracked the code of a few musicians and hundreds of their incredible syncs.


The site is under construction. In the meantime, most of the syncs listed on this site begin with both media at 00:00. Don’t forget to loop your audio content. More detailed sync instructions and preview clips are on the way. The preview clips will be helpful to make sure your timing is correct at home.


I suggest giving yourself time to enjoy the syncs in their entirety. Also, I recommend you acquaint yourself with the concepts and themes of the media on their own terms. This helps in understanding the connection between the two and may further your enjoyment as you watch them play off each other. Don't forget to turn up the volume. Audio is paramount in this experience

Allow yourself to go into the unknown. This is how we learn. Please enjoy, ask questions, and communicate your experience with others!